Lush Despair

He couldn’t decide, so she went for a ride. Headed south on 9, was she out of her mind. So much for that car. Now she’s counting stars. Counting satellites. Two by two.

She couldn’t care less, so he thought about the caress of another address. Oh, he’ll probably get caught. Maybe he ought to think things through. One by one. Two by two.

It’s like the swirl of an ocean on a radiant day. There’s always something to swim through. The last blush of a dream. Just ask and I’ll scream. And I’ll drag you in, too.

Oh, leave them alone. Let them find their way home. Not caught in a slipstream by the side of the road. Funny how the time, the date, the weather always makes things better.

Call it a draw. Two to two. Two by two. Two to two. Two by two. Two by two.

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