In the Pines…

So, here’s how the story of our In the Pines appearance goes: Sophia sent our EP to her friend Josh, then the drumming for the punk trio I’m Better Now. Josh listened to it once and called his friend Steven Clair: “You have to put Laminated Menu on the line up at In the Pines.” A few weeks later, on July 16, 2011, Sophia & Neal were on stage at the Theatre at the University Settlement Camp in Beacon, opening the show for a handful of bands including I’m Better Now, The Nelsonvillians, Robbers on High Street, The Erin Hobson Compact and Schwervon! The audience was small but supportive, especially Major Matt Mason and Nan Turner, the guitarist and drummer, respectively, of Schwervon!, who encouraged us to approach The Sidewalk Cafe in Manhattan for a gig.  Four months later we were on stage there, too.

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